Whanganui And Partners Bin Inn Rhonda Morris

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Whanganui And Partners Bin Inn Rhonda Morris

Whanganui & Partners Strategic Lead for Business Development, Rhonda Morris says a new Bin Inn store will be opening in Whanganui and she’s enjoyed helping facilitate the process.

The owners of Bin Inn’s Taupo and Palmerston North stores, Sammy and Sharon Singh, came to Whanganui & Partners looking for an opportunity to expand their business.

The first step was to work through the benefits of Whanganui as an ideal location for their business expansion.

Ms Morris says, “Whanganui is an easy place to sell, due to the many benefits and opportunities it provides to businesses. It’s a great place to live and work, with good real estate at affordable prices. We’re also just a couple of hours from major centres like Wellington and Auckland, giving us 360 degree access. This allows us to sell Whanganui as a great destination for businesses that create employment, improve our infrastructure and also benefit our existing local businesses.”

Whanganui & Partners was then able to help Sammy and Sharon Singh with the Council’s regulatory processes, making the transition as smooth as possible. Mr Singh said “Through collaboration with Whanganui & Partners and Whanganui District Council, we were able to complete the necessary plans, acquire resource consent and meet all the legal requirements quickly so that our transition was quick and painless.”

Bin Inn will provide locals with access to a diverse range of healthy food and ingredients. It will open early in 2018 at 200A Victoria Avenue, on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Ingestre Street.

Ms Morris says the Singh’s story provides a good case study for Whanganui & Partners and the value she hopes to bring in her role. “We want businesses to succeed in Whanganui and to find it a great environment to do business, whether they’re starting up or expanding.”

“Whanganui’s economy is currently in an upswing, with a growing population and increasing economic opportunities. We currently have four major projects of business expansion or new businesses in the works. We’ve also been involved with Hell Pizza’s upcoming opening and facilitated the development of an innovative new drop shipping business starting in our city soon.”