The Economic Development Strategy is closely aligned to Council’s overarching vision and has an important role to play in assisting our district achieve the aspirational vision to become Leading Edge.

Whanganui & Partners, established in 2014, represents a new model of economic development agency for New Zealand – designed to strengthen community partnerships, Iwi relationships and regional cooperation. Whanganui & Partners’ three advisory boards (Business Whanganui; Visit Whanganui; and Education Whanganui) play a lead role in the planning of local economic growth activities for their sectors.To deliver a prosperous Whanganui our Economic Development Strategy focuses on eight strategic imperatives/priorities which drive our action plan and work programme:

Manawatu-Whanganui Growth Study
Economic Development Strategy

Growth Study

As Ministers for Economic Development, Primary Industries and Maori Development, we believe strongly that building successful and more resilient regions is key to building a prosperous nation.

Recognising and capitalising on the investment opportunities and strengths of different regions is vital for each region to provide employment and a good standard of living for its people and to maximise each region’s contribution to the economic and social wellbeing of New Zealand.

The Regional Economic Activity Reports (REARs) have allowed us to understand and compare regional performance at a high level. Through the REARs, we know that the current economic and social performance of regions varies significantly.

The Regional Growth Studies programme provides an independent view of specific egions, chosen because their potential is not yet fully realised. Within each of these regions there are excellent success stories but also some pockets of high deprivation. This deprivation can only be fully addressed through wealth creation and higher levels of employment. The Regional Growth Studies explore opportunities to achieve growth in investment, incomes and employment by sector. The reports pose the questions “what are the investable opportunities in this region and what is preventing investment in them?”

The Regional Growth Studies programme complements the Government’s Business Growth Agenda, which works to grow New Zealand businesses, create jobs and improve the standard of living for all New Zealanders.