Event Funding

Whanganui & Partners provides support for a number of events every year that meet our funding criteria.

What events are likely to be funded?

Event funding from this budget is seed funding – initial money to get an event underway and through the early stages of development.

It is expected that as an event grows it should develop a sustainable business plan and secure sponsorship and/or other funding and revenue so that Whanganui & Partners event funding can lessen and end.

We also seek to support events that align with our strategic goals. We will prioritise funding for events that are:

  • Relevant to Whanganui’s arts, culture or heritage
  • A tournament or competition bringing in visitors for more than a day
  • Encouraging visitors to stay in commercial accommodation
  • Likely to be held between April and August
  • Intended to be an annual event

What won’t be funded?

  • Events that directly compete with other Whanganui District Council funded events
  • Events funded by other areas of Whanganui District Council
  • Individual travel and accommodation expenses related to developing or promoting an event
  • Full funding payment in advance of the event
  • Establishment costs for a new organisation
  • Organisation or event manager overheads

Where else is there possible funding for your event?

This enables the funds to be used to support new and emerging events in the same way over time.

If your event is not likely to fit with the requirements for this funding there are other options. Go to the Whanganui District Council website and search for “Funding Opportunities” before budgets are set.  http://www.whanganui.govt.nz/our-district/funding-opportunities

You can learn more about our criteria and how to apply on the Event Funding Application (link will begin download).

Applicants will also be required to submit a Marketing and Communications Plan as well as a Business Plan for their event. We have a Marketing and Communications Plan Template available for download (link will begin download).