Disaster Proof your business

As Kiwis, we like to think we’re a resilient bunch, thriving in a world of uncertainty, but can the same be said for our workplaces?

Businesses can be affected by different levels of disaster, from localised short term disasters, to extended periods of disruption, to the permanent loss of a building.

Resilient Organisations (www.resorgs.org.nz) has some great tips to help New Zealand businesses survive a disaster, like this one:

Update your staff emergency contact lists

You need to be able to contact your staff when a crisis happens – to check-in with them to see if they are OK, coordinate, and keep your business running.

Remember that you need to have contact information for a range of circumstances. What if the mobile phone network is down or if people’s cellphones are left in evacuated buildings? You also need to consider emergency contacts – who to contact if a staff member is hurt at work? Include alternative phone numbers and methods for reaching people (emails, home address and phone numbers) with your contact information.

Contact lists also need to be kept in multiple formats, both electronic and paper. Ideally, electronic copies should be backed up in the cloud to ease access if your phone or work computer is unavailable.

For an easy way to record contact details, click on the downloadable template at www.getprepared.org.nz/businesses.

Get set to ShakeOut

New Zealand ShakeOut, our national earthquake drill, is taking place at 9:15am on 15 October*.

It’s a great chance to check your business’ preparedness plans and supplies, and practise the right action to take during an earthquake – Drop, Cover and Hold

Lots of businesses who took part in the last New Zealand ShakeOut did more than just the drill. They reviewed their business emergency procedures, encouraged employees to get prepared at work and at home, and encouraged customers and suppliers to take part.

Get more tips

When you sign your business up to take part in New Zealand ShakeOut you’ll get weekly tips (developed by Resilient Organisations for ShakeOut) emailed to you.

Sign up now at www.shakeout.govt.nz, it only takes two minutes to sign up your entire organisation. The website also has lots of tips and information for doing the drill and being prepared.

* If you cannot do the drill at 9:15am, 15 October 2015, you can choose a time to suit you within two weeks of the drill (and still be counted).